Revitalising British Luxury

Join Invennt Luxe on 09/09 at 14:00 as we reveal the tax code's silver-lining for
luxury goods brands navigating the post-pandemic and post-Brexit economy.

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Like most industries, the luxury sector has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, with the market shrinking by approximately 20% in 2021 and global sales at their lowest ebb since 2015. Add the complexities of post-brexit trade arrangements into the bargain and executives have their work cut out.

However, positive signs are on the horizon and the sector has seen strong growth in the first quarter of 2021, but how can UK brands make the most of this recovery and bounce back stronger in the year ahead? That's the topic of our webinar taking place on Thursday 9th September at 14:00.

Register to find out how your brand can drastically reduce its tax exposure and inject working capital back into the business.

What to expect

This webinar is aimed at senior executives within high-end fashion and luxury brands. The webinar will reveal how UK domiciled fashion brands can avail of government incentives designed to promote innovative product development.

    Secrets of the tax code

How fashion and luxury goods businesses routine product development costs can substantially reduce their tax exposure and even receive sizeable refunds.

    Submitting a claim

Learn how to submit a claim, including the easiest process to compile your report and how to submit a claim for your company’s two most recent accounting periods.

    Qualifying expenditure

Find out the types of activity and categories of expenditure that typically qualify for the incentive, including real world examples from fashion and luxury brands.

    Ancillary benefits

Discover the non-monetary benefits that, in addition to the significant financial upside, make the process even more worthwhile (e.g. uncovering organisational strengths and boosting morale).


   Thursday 9th September 2021
   Microsoft Teams


  1. Introduction
  2. The opportunity for fashion
  3. How the process works
  4. Qualifying expenditure
  5. Q&A